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I offer massage therapy services for people, horses, and dogs. I am currently licensed in Mississippi (LMT 2217) and Louisiana (LMT 7894). I have been nationally certified for equine massage and am also certified in canine massage. 
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Giving you, your horses, and your dogs the winning edge!!!!Everyone deserves to be pampered!!!!

 Equine Massage

    This is approximately a 1 hour session that includes sports massage, craniosacral, myofascial release, and more in a combination unique to Kaci's Equine Massage and tailored to what your horse needs. Any horse can benefit from massage, from retired horses to horses in high levels of athletic competition. A report is also included for your records. 


Canine Massage

    This is approximately a 30 minute session (depending on the size of the dog) that includes a unique combination of sports massage, myofascial release, craniosacral, and more suited precisely for your dog's needs. Any dog can benefit from massage, from pets to retired working dogs to high level competitors. A report is also included for your records. 

    $40-50 (depending on the size of the dog)

Swedish Massage

    Relaxing form of massage that stimulates     circulation, increases flexibility, and alleviates     muscle imbalance. This massage is strictly for     relaxation and great for people who prefer lighter     pressure. 

    30 min/$40 , 45 min/$50, and 60 min/$65

Deep Tissue Massage

    Massage that incorporates elements of Swedish     massage and then progresses to deeper levels of     pressure to help alleviate chronic muscle pain and     muscle adhesions. This massage is perfect for     active people with muscular tension and chronic     pain who prefer more pressure during a massage     session. 

    30 min/$45, 45 min/$50, and 60 min/$70


    Japanese form of massage using finger and palm     pressure, as well as incorporating barefoot     techniques for relaxation and balance. Sessions     are performed on a mat on the floor. 

    30 min/$45 and 60 min/$85

Chair Massage

    Massage session performed with client fully     clothed and typically at events or corporate     settings. This is a great form of massage for     people at events or who want the convenience     that chair massage offers. 

    $1/min with 1 hour minimum for corporate events


    Foot reflexology is a form of bodywork based on     the theory of zone therapy and involves working     with the thumbs and fingers on reflex areas to     treat different areas of the body. 

    25 min/$30 (stand alone or massage add-on)

Sports Massage

    Massage that is tailored to athletes with Swedish     techniques. Sessions are performed fully clothed     and can be pre or post event. 

    30 min/$40

Combination Massage

    Massage session that combines neuromuscular,     myofascial release, deep tissue, Reflexology,     Swedish, and/or Shiatsu for a custom massage     experience. This is by far my most popular human     massage menu selection. 

    30 min/$45, 45 min/$55, 60 min/$70, and 90 min/

Prenatal Massage

    Therapeutic massage for expectant mothers to     help provide relaxation, pain relief, and to help
    prepare them for upcoming labor.  

    30 min/$40 and 50 min/$60

Spa Party

    Take your event up a notch with massage and     great spa treatments brought to your location. 


Custom Foot Treat with Massage Session

    This spa treatment includes your choice of foot     treatments, as well as a massage session tailored     specifically for you. 

    30 min/$50 and 60 min/$85

Back and Neck Massage with Spa Treatment

    This treatment is tailored to some of the most     popular problem areas, while also providing     luxurious skin treatments. 

    45 min/$70

Infant Massage

    This massage offers so many benefits for the     infant, as well as instruction in infant massage     techniques for the parents. 

    30 min/$40

Mother's Treat and Infant Massage Combination

    This combination of massages offers a relaxing     treat for new mothers, as well as a comforting     infant massage session. 

    60 min total/$80

Ultimate Spa Treatment with Massage

    This package offers the ultimate in custom spa     relaxation without having to travel as far. Choose     from multiple spa service add-ons for a unique     experience. 

    90 min/$140

Horse and Rider Combo Massages

    This combination gives you the unique opportunity     to improve your riding compensation patterns for a     better experience for you and your horse. 

    $90/30 min (rider) plus equine massage and     $120/60 min (rider) plus equine massage

Massage Add-Ons and Spa Treatments

Sugar/Salt Foot Scrub---$10
Sugar/Salt Scrub for Hands and Feet---$20
Sugar/Salt Scrub for Back---$15
Paraffin Wax Hand or Foot Treat---$10
Paraffin Wax for Hands and Feet---$15
Back or Foot Luxury Masque---$15
Hot Stones---$10
Body Brushing for Back---$5
Body Brushing for Back, Legs, and Arms--$10
Hot Towels---$5
Sinus Treatment---$5